Super Replace/Find/Extract/Rename 7.0

Super Replace/Find/Extract/Rename 7.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: newcoding

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This software can help you to replace/find/extract strings in your files,or rename these files.You can use regular expression,and very long or mutil-line expression;You can hilight or extract finded strings...1.It can do many strings in many files at one time;2.Hilight finded string(for Text/HTML/XML);3.When rename some files,these files s name can include sequence number;4.Support regular expression;5.Support Text/HTML/XML and doc/rtf/xls/ppt;6.These strings can be long and mutil-line;7.String expression can be saved and reused;8.It can extract destination-string,etc.for example,comment for cpp code;9.Support auto-backup;

Systems: Windows

Tags: text html xml   text html   mutil line   html xml   strings   extract   expression   xml   text   rename   regular  

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